About the course

Are you studying for the Cambridge C1 Advanced exam and struggling with Reading? Perhaps the tasks are taking you far longer than the time limit? Or maybe you just can't find the right answer and you don't know why??Well, this course is gonna show you exactly what you need to do to get top marks for Reading and get your CAE  certificate!

Course benefits:

-Enhance your reading skills

-Understand exactly what to read and what to ignore

-Learn how to read for the right answer

-Know when to read for gist and when to read in detail

-Get expert strategies and tips on reading

-Use simple strategies to help you find the right answer

-Learn to read more quickly and with more accuracy

Included in this course you will get:

-5 hours of expert lessons and advice

-1 interactive presentation

-2 full Cambridge C1 practice tests for every reading task

- C1 Advanced reading exam-style questions in almost every lecture

- interactive games and quizzes

- C1 reading worksheets with almost every lecture

After teaching the C1 Advanced exam since 2014, I know exactly what each Reading task is testing you on and which skills you MUST improve to pass the Cambridge C1 exam. In this course, I'm going to share with you all of my top secrets for listening and much more!

Why choose this course?

Expert Guidance: As a Cambridge C1 exam educator, I've crafted a step-by-step learning experience tailored to your needs. You'll receive invaluable insights and techniques that will help you conquer even the most challenging texts.

Engaging Content: Ditch the dull textbooks and say hello to high-quality, engaging video lessons! This multimedia approach utilizes visual aids, real exam examples, and interactive exercises to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Exam Practice: Master the art of skimming, scanning, and critical reading through carefully-selected practice materials. You'll become adept at understanding both explicit and implicit meanings, enhancing your ability to excel in any academic or professional environment.

Global Community: Join thousands of ambitious students worldwide who have transformed their English reading skills with our course. Share your experiences, ask questions, and support each other on your journey to success.

Proven Results: This course is designed to fully prepare you for the Cambridge English C1 Advanced Reading test. My students consistently achieve top results, unlocking opportunities for further education, career advancement, and global communication.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to quickly find the correct answers, avoid distractors, and go into the Cambridge C1 exam filled with confidence!

Course Content

Section 1 - Course & Cambridge C1 Exam Overview

Lesson 1 - Welcome to the course

Lesson 2 - Assignments & Resources

Lesson 3 - Course Overview

Lesson 4 - Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam Overview

Lesson 5 - Cambridge C1 Reading Overview

Section 2 - Cambridge C1 Reading - Part 5 Multiple Choice

Lesson 6 - Multiple Choice Reading Format & Focus

Lesson 7 - Main Ideas VS Details

Lesson 8 - Main Ideas VS Details Practice

Lesson 9 - Identifying Purpose

Lesson 10 - Identifying Examples

Assignment - Game

Lesson 11 - 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Part 5 Reading

Lesson 12 - A simple strategy for Multiple Choice

Lesson 13 - Reading Part 5 Multiple Choice - A Full Walkthrough

Resource: Part 5 Multiple Choice Practice Test

Lesson 14 - How to practice Reading for Multiple Choice

Assignment - Part 5 Multiple Choice Practice Test

Section 3 - Cambridge C1 Reading - Part 6 Cross Text Multiple Matching

Lesson 15 - Cross-Text Multiple Matching Format & Focus

Lesson 16 - Attitude & Opinion

Lesson 17 - Explicit Opinions

Assignment - Game

Lesson 18 - Implicit Opinions

Assignment - Worksheet

Lesson 19 - Tone of Language

Assignment - Worksheet

Lesson 20 - Understanding Implication

Assignment - Worksheet

Lesson 21 - Explicit & Implicit Implication

Assignment - Worksheet

Lesson 22 - Matching Implicit Opinions

Lesson 23 - 4 Mistakes to Avoid in Part 6 Reading

Lesson 24- A Simple Strategy for Cross-Text Multiple Matching

Lesson 25- Cross-Text Multiple Matching - A Full Walkthrough

Resource: Part 6 Cross-Text Multiple Matching Practice Test

Lesson 26 - How to Practice for Cross-Text Multiple Matching

Assignment - Part 6 Cross-Text Multiple Matching Practice Test

Section 4 - Cambridge C1 Reading - Part 7 Gapped Text

Lesson 27 - Gapped Text Format & Focus

Lesson 28 - Understanding Gist & Detail

Lesson 29 - Gist & Detail Practice

Lesson 30 - Understanding Cohesion & Coherence

Lesson 31 - Cohesive Devices

Resource: Advanced Cohesive Device List PDF

Assignment: Game

Lesson 32 - Cohesivce Device Exam Task

Assignment - Worksheet

Lesson 33 - Referencing

Resource: C1 References PDF

Lesson 34 - 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Part 7 Reading

Lesson 35 - A Simple Strategy for Gapped Text Reading

Lesson 36 - Gapped Text - A Full Walkthrough

Resource: Part 7 Gapped Text Practice Test

Assignment - Part 7 Gapped Text Practice Test

Section 5 - Cambridge C1 Reading - Part 8 Multiple Matching

Lesson 37 - Multiple Matching Format & Focus

Lesson 38 - Specific Information

Lesson 39 - Specific Information practice

Assignment - Worksheet

Lesson 40 - Unfamiliar Language

Assignment - Worksheet

Lesson 41 - 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Part 8 Multiple Matching

Lesson 42 - A Simple Strategy for Multiple Matching

Lesson 43 - Multiple Matching - A Full Walkthrough

Resource - Part 8 Multiple Matching Practice Test

Assignment - Part 8 Multiple Matching Practice Test

Section 6 - Extra Cambridge C1 Writing Resources

Lesson 44 - Bonus Lecture

Lesson 45 - More Resources

Lecture 46 - Exam Advice

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