General English A1-C2

Take this course and you will:

✔ Study phrasal verbs and idioms so that you sound more natural when you speak

✔ Learn complex grammar structures to easily express your thoughts about complicated topics

✔ Get personalised feedback on your grammar, pronunciation and errors to avoid mistakes and improve accuracy

✔ Practice speaking, listening, reading and writing with a professional, native teacher who will give you expert advice

Course includes:

  • All materials provided
  • 100% Interactive lessons with a qualified, native English teacher
  • Exclusive access to our online platform
  • Class notes with vocabulary, grammar and corrections

What you need:
  • A computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone
  • A good internet connection
  • Google Meet
  • Motivation to learn!!!

See our calendar below and book a trial lesson for only €10. After payment, you will receive an email with the Google Meet link and a questionnaire about your English journey.

Thanks for enrolling!


Teacher and Founder

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General English A1-C2

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