5 British Slang Expressions You NEED To Know

Discover 5 common British slang expressions that you'll hear everywhere in Britain!

Phrasal Verbs

The first thing you need to know about British slang is....

It completely changes from city to city! Especially from North to South, what's normal slang in London might be unheard of in Manchester.

But in the video below, I explain 5 British slang expressions that are understood across the whole of Britain. Check out the video to improve you vocab!

What are the 5 slang expressions??

1. QUID (n)-

Meaning: One British pound, a pound is the type of money used in Britain.

Example: "I'm a bit short on money this month, can I borrow a few quid?"

2. FIT (adj) -

Meaning: Physically attractive (used to describe men and women)

Example: Did you see that guy in pub? He's well fit!

3. LIPPY (n) (adj)-

Meaning 1: Lipstick (noun)

Example: "Give me sec! I'm just going to put on some lippy"

Meaning 2: Used to describe a child who answers adults in a bad way (adj)

Example: "She was really lippy when she was a kid, she would always answer back"

4. CHUNDER (v)-

Meaning - To deliberately vomit so that you can continue drinking alcohol

Example: "He was so drunk last night, he chundered everywhere!"

5. FLOG (v) -

Meaning - Sell

Example "He flogs clothes at the outdoor market"

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